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3D CAD design

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3D CAD design

The EGT Steel Production team works with next-generation 3D design software.

Powder coating

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Powder coating

Maximum detail size:

800×1000 mm

Furnace length

3 m


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Welded metals:

Black steel

Stainless steel

Welding methods



Welding works/LAG

Resistance welding

Punching and fastening

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Punching and fastening

Maximum sheet size:

2500×1250 mm

Maximum punching thickness:

Black steel: 3 mm

Stainless steel: 1.5 mm

Aluminum: 3 mm

Brass: 1.5 mm

Installation of all types of self-locking and welded fasteners.

Sheet bending

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Sheet bending

Maximum beam length: 4000 mm

Maximum bending thickness: 15 mm

Maximum bending pressure: 320 t

Laser cutting

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Laser cutting

Maximum sheet size:

3000×1500 mm

Maximum cutting thickness:

Black steel: 25 mm

Stainless steel: 25 mm

Aluminum: 25 mm

Brass: 15 mm

Copper: 12 mm

Titanium: 10 mm

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